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Meet Janet Stephen, Customer Advocate for the Sacramento Area

March 6th, 2017 by admin

We are excited to introduce you to your Customer Advocate, Janet Stephen. The Customer Advocate plays a key role in ATS's partnership with you. As her title indicates, her primary responsibility is to be the advocate for our customers.

How will Janet help you?

Janet Stephen

Direct Number: (916) 642-1745

Ensure ATS is Meeting Expectations – Janet is your point of contact to ensure that other ATS team members are meeting your expectations as your business technology partner. If there is ever an experience where we have not met expectations, it is her job to correct it and make the proper adjustments internally to ensure it does not happen again.

Review ATS Activity – Janet will make periodic contact to review recent activity to simply touch base and see if there are any challenges you are facing or service needs that we can help with. Often we find that clients have little things that need attention but do not have the time to make it a priority to get completed so they often go unattended. Your Customer Advocate is there to help you get these secondary priorities completed.

Additionally, she will meet with you at least annually to review the past year and share any recommendations the ATS technical team has identified to keep your system in the best operating order possible.

Strategize and Educate – Janet is an extension of your Account Manager. She works in tandem with your Account Manager to offer relevant information to help keep you current with business technology that will allow you to be knowledgeable on what options are available and help strategize, if these option make sense for your business, how and when to add these technologies to your overall infrastructure.

We are very excited to have Janet as part of the ATS team and available to support you. You can expect to hear from her soon, if you haven't already, as she is eager to get you know you more and learn how she can support you.

Meet Janet

Prior to joining ATS Communications Janet worked as an Administrative Assistant and Assistant Underwriter at several large Insurance companies for over 15 years. Janet has also worked as a Customer Service Representative for a large non-profit Down-Payment Assistant company and is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

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