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Offering Professional IT Help Desk Support

January 18th, 2018 by admin

ATS knows all too well the troubles that many IT teams have, balancing daily troubleshooting support with the management of service providers, technology projects, and network management. Why not free up their time to focus on the work they’re best at? Our 24x7x365 Help Desk Services provide valuable support for your in-house IT department by handling questions and troubleshooting from your staff. This can range from cleaning up dangerous malware and virus infections on devices, to setting up applications or providing support for printer, email, network, and browser installations and repairs. With most companies now providing mobility solutions, our Help Desk also provides valuable assistance with the integration of various devices while ensuring a smooth connection for remote workers.

We keep track of all support requests, letting us better track the most common issues and their solutions. This significantly speeds up response times and has helped us solve 85% of user-related IT problems on the first call. Our team of experts is trained to understand your operating systems, applications, and IT infrastructure for optimal and quick support.

Just think of the benefits: Your IT team can finally focus on improving overall network performance and employee productivity, while leaving all that troubleshooting to our experienced Help Desk. To learn more about how our help desk services work, take a look at this video reviewing the different steps.

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