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Partner Plans

Compare and select the service plan that best meets your needs. At ATS, we want to meet and exceed your expectations for service and support for all of your voice and data needs.

Partner Program

Description: A full-service maintenance contract with our clients. It provides guaranteed response times, assurance of spare parts in stock locally, regular database backups, fixed pricing, unlimited training, unlimited remote programming for moves, adds, and changes, unlimited Help Desk, reduced labor rates, equipment discounts and many other benefits.

Spare Repair Parts: are warehoused locally and reserved for Partner Program clients due to their commitment to the program, which results in far quicker repairs and less down time.

Response Times: Guaranteed. These guaranteed responses are often better since Partner Program clients are placed at the top of the service queue.

  • Emergency Response: 4-hour response guaranteed.
  • Non-Emergency Response: 72-hour response guaranteed.

Financial Guarantees

  • Emergency Response: $1,000 payment to client if ATS fails to meet published emergency response time (payment will be lesser of 10% of the original system sale price or $1,000)
  • Non-Emergency Response: Partner Program fees will be discounted the equivalent of one month on the annual renewal contract if ATS fails to meet agreed upon response times for a non-emergency repair.

Free Help Desk Support: No cost, unlimited. Includes end-user training support via telephone.

Free No Trouble Found: Service calls related to the covered equipment for which ATS is unable to duplicate the problem will not be billed.

New Equipment Discounts: Any new equipment purchased for the system will be given a 10% discount from standard ATS pricing.

Free Software Maintenance Releases: If the Manufacturer releases any software sub release (i.e.: Version 1.1 to Version 1.2) that is to fix any "bug" in the release, ATS will provide and install that software at no cost even if the client is not experiencing any system errors.

Wiring and Cabling Problems: ATS will assume responsibility for all inside station wiring for the telephone sets under Partner Program coverage.

Free Semi-Annual Connectivity Review: Twice a year, ATS will offer to perform a connectivity review of all local, long distance, internet and wireless expenses and will look for cost saving recommendations that make business sense for the client.

Unlimited Training: On initiation of the Partner Program and with each annual renewal, the client will be provided unlimited end-user training sessions or unlimited access to our online training tools and webinars at no cost.

Unlimited Remote Programming Sessions: On initiation of the Partner Program and with each annual renewal, the client will be provided unlimited remote programming sessions for moves, adds, and changes.

Free Annual Preventative Maintenance: During the 10th month of the annual Partner Program period, ATS will schedule to perform a Preventative Maintenance (PM) inspection using a complete 20 point+ checklist that includes a database backup on the phone & voice mail systems.

Time & Materials Plan

Description: A pay-as-you-go plan but with NO assurance of a response time NOR assurance of spare parts availability. There may be no database backup and the repairs could cost thousands of dollars for the parts & labor plus greater lost productivity resulting from increased down time.

Spare Repair Parts: Availability for your system is not guaranteed and parts may need to be ordered with typical delivery times of 2-4 business days. (Gold Seal clients have first access to the ATS stock of spare parts in order for ATS to meet contracted response times.)

Response Times: Best Efforts. ATS will make best efforts to meet published response times for all types of service. Response times for emergency or regular service are not guaranteed. Priority scheduling must go to Partner Program clients in order for ATS to meet contracted response times.

Financial Guarantees: None.

Help Desk Support: Billable at $75 per session (a session is a maximum of 30 minutes).

No Trouble Found: Billable. Service calls are billable at standard labor rates.

New Equipment Discounts: None.

Software Maintenance Releases: Installation billable at standard labor rates.

Wiring and Cabling Problems: Billable. Resolution billable at standard labor rates.

Semi-Annual Connectivity Review: None.

Training: Billable. All additional training is billable at standard labor rates.

Remote Programming Sessions: Billable. All additional programming is billable at standard labor rates.

Preventative Maintenance: None. Nothing scheduled, often forgotten and costs a minimum of $365 labor cost on smaller systems, more on larger systems.

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