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Password Management

Eliminate Unsafe Password Storage

Lose the spreadsheets, sticky notes, and USS. drives. The N-able Passportal solution delivers automated, cloud-based password management and storage of credentials in an encrypted format.

Create and control strong credentials and user access to devices, networks, and applications with the N-able Passportal solution. Elevate password and credential management with a solution that helps eliminate guesswork and busy work.

  • Offer cloud-based, encrypted password management.
  • Generate stronger passwords; eliminate re-use; and automate password updates, rotation, and maintenance.
  • Increase productivity with fast onboarding, automated workflows, and RMM and PSA integrations.
  • Work smarter with centralized IT documentation.
  • Empower users to reset their own passwords with Passportal Blink.

Prevent Harm When an Employee Leaves

Enable and disable credential management access with one click to help ensure former employees don't take their access- and customer information- with them.

  • Zero trust model. MSPs should not trust anyone with unencumbered access. Utilize a password manager and use a strong MFA solution for access verification.
  • Password change automation. Save endless hours resetting passwords by using a centralized system for thousands of sensitive credentials and rotating passwords upon a tech's departure.
Infographic showing potential vulnerabilities

N-able Passportal was Designed and Engineered to Manage Passwords Securely and at Scale.

  • Digital dashboard for easy, one-click management and granular controls.
  • Data encrypted in transit, at rest, and when exported.
  • Multifactor authentication (MFA).
  • Strong password generator and injection.
  • Reporting for auditing and compliance.
  • Automated password rotation.
  • Integrations and APls.
  • Documentation management tools.
  • A white-labeled service you can sell to clients .
  • Multitenancy, to store customer passwords and data separately.
  • Empower clients to reset their own passwords with N-able Passportal Blink.