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New to having a remote workforce? ATS makes the process simple and straightforward.

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ATS is the single vendor that handles all your IT needs for voice and data.

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What We Do

ATS is a proactive managed technology solutions provider delivering outsourced IT services in a manner that improves business processes and delivers technical best practices to keep your environment stable and secure. We are a forward thinking partner that can help establish goals and strategies and implement the technologies resulting in higher productivity and profitability. We strive to build lasting relationships with our own employees, our providers and our end users. And we act as educators for the ever changing world of IT and VoIP technology. Our website is an example of this philosophy – aimed to be an educational and resource tool leading to informed decisions for businesses.

Who We Are

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ATS is a technology solutions provider that partners with businesses to implement the latest enterprise networking and IT infrastructure, unified communications, cyber-security, business continuity, video surveillance and cloud infrastructure. These products and services are delivered as a proactive managed service model providing peace of mind that all critical business systems meet expectations of high availability, security and optimization.

With expertise on a wide range of voice and data products, ATS Communications is a business' complete voice and data partner. Their services match the needs of small and medium size enterprises with optimized technology that provide best practice solutions which creates a competitive advantage and makes a positive impact to the client's bottom line.

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