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Carrier Services

In order to be in business, you must have dial tone and internet access. But with so many carriers offering so many options, it's a daunting task to identify what is the right combination of services for your company. Additionally, if you have tried to make a change in the past and had a bad experience, you have vowed never to make another change because it was too painful and disruptive the first time around. Consequently, most businesses don't address the issue and end up paying higher monthly rates for outdated services. Aside from personnel-related expenses, carrier-related expenses are one of the biggest recurring monthly expenses every business incurs.

As your complete partner, ATS will make sure your dial tone and internet expenses are in line with the technology you need to maximize the operational efficiency of your business. With the evolution of carrier technology, including Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) based products like SIP trunks, businesses stand to gain vast improvements for their dial tone and internet connectivity.

SIP trunks are a major breakthrough, and are causing a shift in the Unified Communications industry because SIP trunks are much more cost effective and are a robust transport for bringing information to and from an organization. ATS will do a complete analysis of your current calling and internet patterns, look at all the carrier options for you and make recommendations that will meet all of your business needs. We will eliminate the daunting evaluation process for you and coordinate the new implementation to minimize any business disruptions.

Complete Solutions

Part of the phone system or data network design that is often overlooked is the carrier services integrated with the hardware. Part of the reason for implementing new hardware is for the new technology. The carrier services need to be part of the overall design. With telephone projects, too many times, designs include IP hardware technology connected to antiquated carrier technology. With data projects, there is often not enough bandwidth to meet some best practice solutions so the data equipment is not functioning at optimal performance.

Close Up of hands Using Cell Phone with Graphic of World Map and Network Connections Overlay

ATS takes a global look at your telecom and data services and makes recommendations that include carrier services when it makes both good technical and financial sense. With a recommendation from ATS, you can be assured that you are getting a complete solution.

Carrier Services Available

  • Primary Rate Interface (PRI)
  • Voice T-1's
  • Analog Trunks (Fax/Alarm)
  • DSL
  • SIP trunks
  • Direct Internet Access Circuits (DIA)
  • Integrated Access Circuits (Voice & Data combined)
  • MPLS Networks

Here's How It Works

  1. We'll ask you some questions over the phone to assess your overall environment.
  2. We'll come do an on-site assessment and write up a report that will identify any vulnerabilities and suggest some best practices. We will review the report and answer any questions. (Even if you have an IT or network provider, we would be happy to assess your systems to ensure optimal practices.)
  3. The ATS Connectivity Review is provided for a small fee, with no other obligations.

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