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TriVium Systems, Inc.

A company that cares.

TriVium Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of call recording, reporting and analytics applications. Founded in 1995, we offer solutions for all sizes of businesses – from small businesses to large enterprise customers with multiple locations.

Our solutions have been helping companies in a variety of industries, including call centres, collection agencies and law firms, financial institutions, insurance agencies, healthcare clinics/medical providers, educational institutions, government, assisted living/retirement facilities, hospitality, and real estate. Customers use our software to reduce overhead costs and enhance their customer service efforts by recording phone calls that can be easily retrieved, played back and shared throughout the organization.

Compatible with virtually all leading telephone communications systems, TriVium’s solutions can be used with IP, digital and hybrid phone systems and deployed in single or large multi-location environments.

TriVium SonicView Intelligence, SonicView™ Call Recording and CallAnalyst™, Call Monitoring and Reporting applications help organizations enhance customer satisfaction, facilitate dispute resolution, improve regulatory compliance and impact their bottom lines with quick and tangible ROIs.

Dedicated to your success

TriVium Systems is dedicated to your success. Our three unique solutions combine to maximize your returns. See how SonicView Intelligence combined with SonicView and CallAnalyst can help make the difference in your firm. Here at TriVium we will go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. With TriVium you can trust that it is more than just purchasing a solution. With our support team always ready to assist, you will feel the difference.

SonicView Call Recording

Offering you an easy-to-use interface to view and listen to your call recordings, TriVium provides the call recordings you need to feel protected and secure in your business. SonicView Call Recording helps you improve customer service, increase agent productivity, and meet legal and training requirements.

SonicView Intelligence (SVI)

Introducing SonicView Intelligence with speech analytics. SVI transforms your call recording data to useful business intelligence and frees you up from listening to hours of recordings.


Every call accounting report you can imagine is available in CallAnalyst. CallAnalyst is a comprehensive solution that works with any telecom implementation, including VoIP, PBXs and key systems. Use your detailed information to simplify and optimize the day to day operations of your business.

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