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Benefits of Cloud Solutions

April 18th, 2017 by admin


When you hear the word "cloud", it might be difficult at first to understand what that means in IT terms. Essentially, your data and applications are saved with off-premise data storage software and can be accessed from anywhere you log in. You can work offline, then load everything into the cloud, and look at those same files at home later without needing to send them in an email or transfer them with a memory stick. To add an extra layer of security, our data cloud solutions also automatically take backup snapshots on a regular basis. This virtualization ensures that data is easily recovered in case of a disaster - think minutes instead of weeks.

We really can't stress enough how useful the cloud can be for a business. Instead of having to heavily invest in the installation and maintenance of a data center on-site, your cloud service providers pays for those expenses, in addition to taking responsibility for the physical and cyber security. They can build in redundancies and multi-region data centers with resources that most small to medium sized businesses can't afford. In terms of users, you'll see how quickly your staff adjusts to the cloud. They'll be able to access documents, applications, and presentations anywhere they go - client meetings, project sites, business travel, or home office - and on multiple devices. It's a big transition, but one that is worth it in the long term. ATS is here to help you decide on the solutions that are best for your business. We can help you make the transition to cloud services, or find alternatives to meet your IT needs.

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