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Cloud Computing Provides Benefits to a Remote Workforce

June 3rd, 2020 by admin

A silver cloud with a keyhole depicting a secure environment

As businesses are transitioning to a remote workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic, they require tools to allow their employees to be productive and efficient while at home. Additionally, as budgets tighten, businesses need a cost-effective way to help their employees. Cloud computing offers many benefits for your business and employees.

Data Security

A data breach can signal the end of a business because of lost revenue and customer trust. During the COVID-19 crisis, there has been an increase in cybercrimes, and your company must have protections in place to ensure the safety of your network. The cloud is a highly secure environment with many protections, such as authentication, access control, and encryption. At ATS, we utilize Network SafetyNet Data Backup as an extra layer of security to ensure your network is protected by cutting-edge technology.


Migrating some or all of your business operations to the cloud will reduce your hardware expenses. There is no need for large up-front expenses since your network is hosted in a data center. Additionally, your business can reduce the size of its IT department, which will save your company money. Your business won't need to worry about the costs associated with downtime since downtime is extremely rare in cloud systems.


In the current pandemic, having the mobility to work from anywhere is invaluable. Your employees will be able to access your network securely, as long as they have a viable internet connection. The ability to work from anywhere allows your business to remain operational, and ensure the safety of your employees.

Disaster Recovery

Hosting your network in the cloud ensures that you will always be able to access your data. This is critically important for your business, as there will be no disruption to your operations. You can rest easy knowing that your data is safe and accessible in the cloud if something happens to your office space.

At ATS, we want to empower your company by giving you the necessary tools to succeed. We take pride in maximizing your long-term computer benefits and minimizing your costs. Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives about the benefits of cloud computing.

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