PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff is scheduled for Wednesday, October 9th at 4 AM for much of Northern California. For planning purposes, PG&E suggests customers prepare for outages that could last several days. Please take appropriate actions to ensure the safety of your systems if you are in a targeted shutdown area. See if your area is affected here...

Cloud Solutions

March 28th, 2016 by admin

If you’re thinking about investing in the cloud, we can help. The cloud is an emerging, growing solution. The cloud alleviates many of the problems associated with premise-based communications, physical space constraints, hardware obsolescence, incompatibility, and so on. As cloud technology offers so many more features and has become more cost-effective than purely premise-based solutions, the move to the cloud is inevitable. We will work with you to plan a gradual transition to cloud services when appropriate. Together, we can determine which cloud services make the most sense for your business right now. We don’t believe one-size-fits-all approaches, we take a holistic approach to your technology to determine what is the best fit for your business as it is now and as you plan it to be in the future. Learn more about our Cloud Solutions

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