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Data Insurance

April 3rd, 2013 by admin

We are working closely with Datto Backup to provide you with and introduction to Datto's Hybrid Cloud Backup. These Datto Solutions are the most reliable and efficient way for end-users to back up their data securely and ensure that it is recoverable regardless of any disaster scenario.

Data Insurance

The hybrid cloud backup process generates a backup locally, and then a backup of the backup is replicated off-site (in some cases, data is replicated to two off-site locations). This provides a great deal of data security. With local hardware, all data is in-house, protected by preexisting firewalls, security protocols, and the encryption inherent to the backup device. Furthermore, by sending encrypted data to dedicated data centers, users are ensured that there are redundant copies of the data secured off-site. This is invaluable in the event of a disaster. The combination of local and off-site backups affords far greater peace of mind than simply pushing data over the web to a backup service provider or strictly housing data locally on a NAS or in a data center. This figure is a representation of how data is secured in the hybrid cloud. As the diagram shows, at any given moment, copies of a client's data will be located in three unique locations. The original on the client's server or workstation, a backup on the local device, and a mirrored backup in a data center off-site. Also, since both clouds not only store data, but are also capable of virtualizing and restoring the production machine, MSPs and VARs have multiple comprehensive resources to assist their clients in data protection and restoration. Read More » Read Series »

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