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Standards Compliance

May 15th, 2013 by admin

We are working closely with Datto Backup to provide you with and introduction to Datto’s Hybrid Cloud Backup. These Datto Solutions are the most reliable and efficient way for end-users to back up their data securely and ensure that it is recoverable regardless of any disaster scenario.

Standards Compliance

For some industries, it is necessary to keep specific data backed up in order to comply with government regulated standards (i.e. HIPAA, PCI, SOX). Backup vendors are aware of these stringent regulations and have built their clouds to meet the needs of these verticals. The hybrid cloud platform lends itself perfectly, because if a local backup device is decommissioned all files are already located off-site and can be accessed easily when necessary. This fulfills many verticals' requirements for contingency plans in emergency scenarios.

Archiving capabilities are mandatory to these industries as well. For example, medical entities governed by HIPAA regulations require a six year retention policy for certain personal and medical records. By having redundant copies of backup records, companies protect themselves in the event of an audit.

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