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The Datto Difference

May 29th, 2013 by admin

We are working closely with Datto Backup to provide you with and introduction to Datto’s Hybrid Cloud Backup. These Datto Solutions are the most reliable and efficient way for end-users to back up their data securely and ensure that it is recoverable regardless of any disaster scenario.

The Datto Difference

As a leading vendor of hybrid cloud backup solutions, Datto provides best-in-class technology and support to its 4000+ channel Partners. Datto ensures that client data is backed up, protected, and recoverable at all times. Datto truly differentiates itself from the rest of the market with its virtualization technology. Datto is the only vendor of business continuity solutions that provides instant on-site and off-site virtualization of servers and workstations. This is achieved through Datto's proprietary inverse chain technology.

By converting backup images directly to vmdk format, Datto appliances are able to boot up virtual machines in seconds, as opposed to minutes, hours, or days. This allows Datto to provide the best recovery time objective (RTO) in the business, for both on-site and off-site virtualizations. Datto's industry-leading RTO is what allows end-users to achieve true business continuity. The ability to instantly virtualize VMs both on local backup devices and in Datto's cloud, assures businesses that they will not sustain downtime from any disaster that affects their IT infrastructure.

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