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ATS Pro IT Services Uses Dark Web ID Solution to Protect You from Fraud on the Dark Web

July 11th, 2022 by admin

Illustration of hacker stealing data from cloud, phishing concept.

In today's digital world, where most transactions are done online, and users don't need to go outside their homes to get most things, it attracts some aspects we digitally aren't prepared for in real life. The more businesses and institutions serve their consumers online, the more scammers and frauds target these services. To hide their intentions and practices, most of these individuals turned to the dark web to target innocents and those who are not tech or web-savvy. Your employees and staff can be a target, too, if they are not safeguarded by the best training and firewalls.

Let yourself focus on your business and what matters, and let ATS Pro IT Services take care of it and protect you from the dark web.

Protect Your Digital Credentials from the Dark Web

Digital credentials are one of the most valuable things on the dark web as they give the scammers and frauds the access to skim as much info and money as possible. This is because the credentials are access information like passwords that connect people to critical business applications. These credentials are sold for vast sums of money on the dark web as some would risk getting out more money and information from a company's account.

ATS services collaborate with ID agents to support their customers and float their Dark Web ID to scour if your credentials are compromised.

The Importance of Digital Security from Dark Web ID

The significant importance of security can be deemed from the following points that will harm digital citizens more than what they know about to protect them.

  • Hackers and scammers use these credentials to do more damage inside the company to the unsuspecting. They can even enhance the stealing of digital identity on a larger scale.

  • Most users use a single login password for most services, opening them up to risks. Even if one of these platforms isn't protected and their credentials are in danger, their digital footprint may hurt much more.

  • More than 75% of passwords and credentials are at risk, and law enforcement institutions regularly return that information to affected parties to take more strategic steps.

Dark Web ID’s Game Plan

  • The level of security and credentials monitoring is so high that it matches the level of security provided to Fortune 500 companies that we will provide to yours.

  • You sit back and work on your essential tasks while Dark Web ID roams and scours the dark web for compromised credentials.

  • Dark Web ID connects with other services like I2P, Tor, and Freenet for more enhanced search and rescue operations.

  • Proactivity is the key to helping Dark Web ID realize the compromising situation in real-time and nip the issue in the bud.

Dark Web ID Is the Best at What They Do

Online criminals are sneaky and strike at the most reasonable time by staying in the dark. They can’t hide from the vigilant eyes of Dark Web ID. Want to know how? Let's find out.

  • Identification – The AI-based search technology helps them identify compromises in your organization.

  • Preparation – Dark Web ID collects information over time, and as information is money, the more you have, DWI can help you save all that fortune if it was compromised.

  • Prediction – Their extensive information and experience allow them to see trends in the industry before they become the norm helping you be prepared and ready.

  • Monitoring – Dark Web ID monitors for malicious activity 24x7x365 in many places on the dark web. Some of the most common places to hunt are private and shady websites, hidden chat rooms, P2P networks, IRCs, Black Market sites, and some of the most popular social media platforms.

  • Reporting – Over 80,000 compromised emails are reported daily due to the power of their AI analytics.

  • Prevention – When you know and are prepared for something that will happen, you can easily tackle it.

It is more common than ever that every day thousands of online accounts are susceptible to online hacking and scamming. A simple mistake can increase the risk of exposing sensitive information to losing its assets. The frauds take their time to learn your activity patterns and can strike or attack at the most vulnerable time when you least expect it. Up to 43% of small businesses are open books for cyber criminals to attack and benefit from. They can get a lot of information from these credentials from the companies and businesses.

All that can be stopped by the vigilant practices of Dark Web ID employed by ATS Communications.

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