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Modernizing Logistics: How ATS Communications and Intermedia Unite Empower Metropolitan Van and Storage for Future Success

February 23rd, 2024 by Mariel Santos

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For over a decade, Metropolitan Van and Storage (Metro) has been a valued client of ATS Communications, a premier managed technology solutions provider. With a broad and diverse client base, including key contracts from the Department of Defense, Metro found itself facing the challenge of updating its outdated phone system to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving logistics industry. After consulting with their ATS team, Metro recognized the value of a comprehensive unified communications solution. As their trusted advisor, ATS Communications, a long-time Intermedia partner, provided expert guidance and support throughout the journey - from discovery, design, implementation, through to ongoing support.

The Challenge

Metropolitan Van and Storage's legacy phone system presented significant obstacles, from difficulties in sourcing replacement parts to escalating infrastructure risks. Through ongoing dialogue and education with their ATS Account Advisor it was clear that the need to modernize was essential, and Metro began exploring cloud communications options with ATS to help enhance their efficiency and competitiveness in the market.

The Solution

With a foundation of trust established over years of collaboration, ATS Communications recommended Intermedia's suite of cloud-based communications to Metropolitan Van and Storage including Intermedia Unite® - the all-in-one communications, collaboration, and customer care platform that features voice, video conferencing, chat/SMS, contact center, file management, archiving, and more.

Recognizing the potential of Intermedia's products and services, Metro embarked on a journey towards modernization. Throughout the implementation process, ATS played a pivotal role in showcasing the value and advantages of transitioning to the cloud, while seamlessly managing the deployment and support of Intermedia's solutions. Successful adoption was achieved through identifying necessary functionalities, optimizing licenses, and refining automation processes.

Robust Features of Intermedia Unite:

  • Intermedia Unite's comprehensive feature set, including automated centralized receptionist and comprehensive reporting capabilities, provided Metro with valuable insights into call volume and user engagement, enhancing operational efficiency and customer service.
  • The seamless integration of Intermedia Unite's mobile and desktop apps allowed Metro's staff to stay connected whether in the office or on the go, further enhancing productivity and responsiveness to customer needs.

Metropolitan Van and Storage is satisfied with both Intermedia Unite's product and platform robustness, and the exceptional partnership and support provided by ATS Communications. ATS's proficiency in understanding Metro's needs, recommending Intermedia's solutions, and managing the implementation process highlights the strength of the partnership between Intermedia and its channel partners. Together, ATS Communications and Intermedia have helped to transform Metropolitan Van and Storage's communications infrastructure, paving the way for enhanced operational efficiency and future growth.

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