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Desktop Management Services with ATS: A Requirement for All Businesses

September 6th, 2022 by admin

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A business's top priority is always efficient working and smooth outputs. This is because the better they work, the more the company will profit. This is one reason many businesses invest in massive technologies, to ensure that losses are not generated because of a drop in workflow.

Companies take different measures depending on their size. However, one approach all companies, whether big or small, can utilize is desktop management. If you are a business that just started, or someone who doesn't know this particular term, don't worry, we got you.

Below you will find details about desktop management, how it works, and how your company may benefit.

What is Desktop Management?

Desktop Management can play a significant role in ensuring that all company's systems run smoothly. Desktop management is a systematic and comprehensive approach to ensure that all computers within an organization, i.e., laptops, tablets, desktops, and even high-end computers, are efficiently managed.

The management systems will not only oversee your computers and protect them from external and internal damages but will also monitor and upgrade them as required.

Now that you know this management system, why not learn how it works too.

How Does It Work?

For any office, IT and computers are its biggest asset. Therefore, companies ensure that the protection and upgrading of all systems remain not only up to date but fool-proof. Desktop Management not only takes over these particular tasks, giving company owners the time to concentrate on other more critical work but carries out these functions while managing your desktop:

  • The desktop manager will ensure no virus or malware occurs. In case they detect some, it will immediately be removed.
  • Help in essential desk functions like resetting your passwords and controlling the risks that non-authorized apps on the system can bring.
  • Management of user accounts on all systems efficiently while maintaining their privacy. So, no user has to feel threatened by a third-party interfering with their computer belongings.
  • Install, add and change new functions as required.

Why Should Your Business Opt for Desktop Management as a Definite Need?

If the above wasn't enough to convince you that desktop management is an excellent approach for your business, then let us give you a detailed outline of how it can benefit your business.

  1. New Desktops with Zero Downtime

    The need for either replacing your old computers or adding new ones within the already existing system is something which every company experiences from time to time. An excellent desktop management system can easily add or subtract new users from the network without any downtime.

    It doesn't matter how many working computers you have within a company; as long as you are managed, enabling new systems will be a child's play.

  2. Remote Access from Anywhere

    The world has advanced, and remote working has become more common. For people working at home, or in case you aren't at the office, a managed desktop will always come in handy.

    This is because remote desktop management will allow users to access many updated files through the cloud and ensure that their workflow remains on track.

  3. Installing Updates is Simple

    A desktop management system will allow your company to have easy and quick updates. The company management can have ease of mind knowing that the security patches and network updates will be displayed on all systems with a few clicks only.

    It also allows companies to gain a more secure infrastructure and gives out fewer weak points for cyber criminals to access.

  4. IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

    For companies, downtime and data loss are two nightmares that can lead to severe losses. This is why having a desktop management system is of utmost importance. A managed desktop system will ensure that all working computers have their data backed up. Hence, in case of any data loss or external mishaps, the data remains secure, and no downtime will occur.

  5. Improves Network Security

    The desktop management system allows multiple desktops to be controlled and monitored simultaneously. The IT team can ensure all virtual desktops receive the best and most appropriate delivery configuration. This will ensure that employees have a secure, personalized system that sits well on company policies.

Where Can You Find the Best Desktop Management Service?

While there are many desktop management services, no one does it better than ATS. We have worked in the industry for years and ensured many companies a secured array of networks.

Being an expert in the field, we know what we are doing. Therefore, not only can we provide you with some exceptional quality services but guide you on what the best decision will be for you.

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