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Email Filtering to Protect Your Business from Phishing Attempts

March 4th, 2020 by admin

Man wearing a white hooded sweatshirt and a mask holding a credit card and laptop

Your business's IT security is critical to its well-being and success. Your company likely stores copious amounts of sensitive data about your finances and your customers' information. Keeping this information protected is critical, and that's why your company has numerous security measures in place.

Unfortunately, when it comes to IT security, humans tend to be the weak link. Hackers will try to trick people by sending spam emails with links to click. This method is often used since it is a cost-effective way to gain sensitive information since thousands of emails can be sent at once. These types of attacks are known as Phishing attacks.

Fortunately, ATS Communications offers an email filtering solution to better protect your business from email attacks. Having a spam filter is essential as it will not only filter spam, but it also helps ensure that your inbox only contains relevant business-related emails.

In addition to email filtering, our service has numerous add-ons to further aid you and your employees.

  • Outbound Filtering. Any sensitive or harmful information won't get sent out. This filter cleans and maintains the integrity of information leaving your corporate network.
  • Email Encryption. Prevents valuable and confidential material from being seen by unwanted parties. Your company can rest easy knowing all of your sensitive data in emails will remain protected from hackers.

If your company is receiving numerous spam emails every day, contact ATS Communications. Our email filtering service will protect your business from Phishing attacks, as well as aid in making your employees more efficient. They will no longer need to spend time clearing spam from their inboxes and will be able to focus on their tasks that are vital to your business's success.

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