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ATS Communications Your One-Stop Solution to All Your IT and Voice Needs – Professional, Proactive and Proficient

March 21st, 2022 by admin

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Are you looking for a technology partner for your business that can provide you with all your IT needs and solutions to improve your business? Then you have come to the right place. ATS Communications is an industry leader in IT solutions that has the expertise to identify your business environment and the challenges you will face to devise the best business plan to handle the smallest of tasks to the most sophisticated projects. We can provide most IT services, and some of these services are:

  • Cloud and Connectivity
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Help Desk
  • Phone and Wiring

To know more about us in detail, you can visit our About page for how experienced ATS Communications are.

What Services Does ATS Communications Provide?

ATS provides IT services delivering technical best practices that will enhance your business and make your business environment stable and secure. We also proactively manage most of your solutions to build a lasting relationship with our employees and clients. Some of the critical services that we provide you can peruse below.

Consultation and Support

When it comes to customer support and regular consultation, none are better than ATS Communications. Following are the key features of our Consultation and Support category.

Complimentary Technology Assessment – ATS Communications is your complete voice and data partner and helps you with your network assessment free of cost. This is done by asking critical questions over the phone and then finishing with an on-site evaluation.

Outsourced CTO Services – You can have regular and scheduled meetings with our Technology Advisor experienced in applying technology and help you achieve your goals efficiently.

Remote Workforce – With the recent boom in hybrid WFH-Onsite work culture, ATS can give your company mobility with our cloud solutions. ATS can provide you with a single communications portal that will include unified messaging, contact center solutions, flexible SIP, etc., and so much more.

Project Management – Starting from making and planning the project to installation and commissioning, the ATS Communications team will be there through each step for smooth installation and working.

Other services included in the Consultation and Support are:

Network & User Cyber Security

Security is the backbone of any business that ATS will enhance to the top level. When it comes to Network and Cyber Security, ATS has the following plans for you.

Business Continuity and Data Back-Up – ATS provides one of the best Data Backup solutions and is equipped with providing you Disaster Recovery for all your data and voice interactions. Whether it's from ransomware, by a human error, or even from a natural disaster, ATS has you secured with our single platform data protection and built-in redundancies.

Anti-Virus & Email Filtering – The emailing solution that ATS provides is built on award-winning technology and can quickly clear away up to 99.97% of all the spam you will receive and remove viruses and email attacks.

Security Awareness Training Program – A protection and backup suit is useless if you don't train your employees to detect and understand security issues and red flags. ATS provides continuous education and enhances your employee's awareness. We can also provide you with annual security training to keep you up to date on the latest trends.

Password Management – The N-able password manager provides you with Passportal solutions, a cloud-based management tool that will save all your information in an encrypted format.

Other solutions in this group are as follows:

Premise / Infrastructure Solutions

Building on the foundation is easier said than done, as, without a proper foundation, most of the infrastructure will eventually deteriorate. Therefore, ATS provides all the solutions for a complete package.

Voice Solutions – Providing you with a variety of VoIP and mobile voice solutions is the mantra of ATS Communications. Our solutions can either upgrade your existing facility or completely replace it. Our solutions also provide vertical summit platforms, IP-based systems, etc.

Structured Cabling (Wiring) – This service includes Voice, Data, Video, and even Fiber Cabling Services. Being the backbone of modern IT infrastructure, ATS specializes in all stages of a complete cabling solution for your voice and data.

Wireless Infrastructure – Depending on your system's needs, ATS can install WAN or Lan systems and function.

Network & Desktop Management

ATS Communications ensures the proper implementation of the right processes and technology to help enhance your business when it comes to remote desktop management, which includes services like:

Remote Monitoring and Management – ATS provides 24x7x365 services with our Network Operations Center that will support your network remotely so that you can redeploy the resources elsewhere.

Help Desk Services – ATS also provides complete Help Desk Solutions to resolve common issues and deal with customers professionally so you can focus on managing and enhancing your business.

Other services under this group are:

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions are the evolution of hybrid businesses for the future. Without a cloud, an organization will not get as many customers as others who have those solutions. ATS also has the best solutions for this department, such as:

Cloud Computing – Taking full advantage of cloud solutions is a logical step for more businesses, and ATS can help you transition your business to the cloud tailored to your need.

Business Continuity and Data Back-Up – As we say, the show must go on; ATS sets your business up for surviving and functioning correctly for most unforeseen circumstances.

Other Solutions under the Cloud group are:

Voice Solutions

Sales and Support services are the promotional devices for your business that can further enhance your business' image through the following services:


The growth of your business and enterprise now rests on how tech-savvy you are and how digitally integrated your business is. ATS can take you through the integration and transitioning journey to enhance your business and streamline your enterprise. ATS Communications can help your business by establishing goals and strategies for higher productivity and profitability. That's why ATS is the only forward-thinking business partner and support you will need. For direct communication with ATS, you can visit our Contact ATS page.

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